Foreskins galore, uncut big D, Apache Junction, AZ

The only time where I can see my dick head is when I am fully erect. Otherwise, it is hidden underneath my turtle neck, my hoodie or my foreskin if you prefer. I like to think of my cock as a transformer. I am the Optimus Cock ! But a meaty and fleshy transformer of 36 YO. That’s the beauty of an uncut penis. And speaking from experience, blowing an uncut dick is so much fun ! It is full of surprises. Sadly I am not referring about blowing my own dick. It might be long, but I ain’t that flexible lol. I used to have a fuck friend who was also uncut. A rare duo here in Arizona.

I live in Apache Junction, AZ just outside of Phoenix in the east. It’s as hot as you might expect ! And it’s about to get even hotter, and much more humid when we meet for a sex date. I know that my cock has this effect on men who just want to get on their knees to lick it and kiss it. That cranks me up and turns up the heat. Nothing fires up my top skills more than that. That’s right, you’re looking at an uncut BWC. You only have to contact me if you want to have fun with the Optimus Cock and its foreskin galore.

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