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Get fucked by brain & brawn in one in Tucson, AZ

Let’s play chess. The loser is the one that has to take it up the ass, deal ? I’m equally as smart as I am sexy so sorry for you, but I’m not gonna be the one losing. If I were you, I’d want to lose seeing that there is a 9-inch girthy pole at stake hahaha! I’m Nathan, I’m 27 years old, and I live in Tucson, Arizona in the Armory Park area…

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Assertive, well-seasoned dick in Phoenix, AZ

At 44, I have yet to lose an ounce of my libido and have retained this lean, fit physique so, you tell me what you’d like to do with that information haha! My name is Henry and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, down in the Biltmore District. I’ve worked a long career of manual labor jobs so, that tells ya I’m good with my…

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What would you do to my ass ? Open door, Mesa

It’s a simple question but it deserves a more complexe and elaborate answer. I am really curious to read and find out what could some horny man want to do with my twerking ass. I’d leave the door unlocked and I would be waiting for you on all four in my living room. In fact, I’d probably be just like that …

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Glendale, AZ – spicing up my casual Friday look

I am 42 years old married man living and working in Glendale, Arizona. But come Friday afternoon, I put this part of my life aside and I like to go out and play. And in my case, play means meeting up with a man for a fun hook up. I used to have a lover that I would go see every week. But he had to relocate elsewhere and now I am left without …

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Casual jerk off session happening in Maricopa, AZ

I am excited to share this intimate moment with you guys. Here’s quick but fun video of me masturbating. Note that I am not here to find a boyfriend, but only a fuck buddy. I want a friend with benefits if you will. We’d wank together, jerk off each other and maybe even fuck if we’re both comfortable. I want my 4+ inches cock as often and for as long …

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Refreshing taste of my Arizona sweet tea sized D

I am bisexual looking for any cocksucking soul around to blow me. But my experience shows me that men are so much better at it than women. You guys really crave a big dick in your mouth and truly give everything you got. So far, only men have been able to deepthroat me. Again, imagine blowing a 23 oz can. If that excites you, you know you’ve …

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Gay mirror sex with a BWC in Peoria, AZ

Guess you could call that mirror sex or I don’t know. I know I am weird. But again, you’ll have to bear with me since I got this third arm as a cock. That is if you want to come over to my place so that I’ll plow your holes with my impressive dick. I’d love to go to your place too. But I’ll need you to send me some proof that you’ve got a decent size mirror …

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Marana, Arizona – Latino long uncut cock wants you

I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Mexico, but arrived here in the USA when I was a teen. Now I am resident and I love in Marana, in Arizona. I am gay and I love to have sex with men. My favorite men are older. I am a top and I love to dominate men and to fuck their ass and their mouth. My hips are flexible and I have a lot of energy …

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