My small tool can do wonders, Midland, Texas

I present to you my fun size average dick. This little fella could surely surprise you. Well in fact, since its a tool, an attribute, it is mainly the one controlling it that could surprise you with his skills. Namely, me, TheCarpenter. I am a closeted gay of 28, living in Midland, Texas and I am indeed a carpenter. So I really am really skilled with my hands ! I am keeping my sexual orientation a secret since I am scared of how my colleagues and my family would react to the news. But, that does not prevent me from hooking up with men around town in total discretion.

For now, you will only get to see my average size dick. I prefer to be upfront about it since so many guys are being so picky about dicks. Especially you the bottoms who always seem to want gigantic dicks to plunder your anus. You should give me and my smaller tool a try. I will definitely surprise you. Besides, you could easily deepthroat me without having to gag ! I really am the fun and comfortable side. And I most definitely know how to handle your own dick. My hands might not look like it on here, but they’re firm and strong. As for y face and mouth, you’ll see that I am pretty cute and very masculine. Again, I am only after casual sex so don’t think that I am here for anything more.

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