Gay naked artistry, 39 Washington D.C. photograph

Sometimes I wonder why some people are so afraid and uncomfortable to show off their body. I don’t know if it’s shame of how they look, or the fear of judgement from others, but it has always amazed me. Granted I take pride in taking care of my body, I still feel like everybody should feel more comfortable in their own skin. Welcome to my world. The world of Luigio, a 39 years old artist. Where where bodies, especially naked bodies are considered art. I’m my favorite subject, but I always enjoy having some company. And you’ve guessed it, men are definitely my choice.

How would you like to have a photoshoot with me ? If you’re more comfortable, we could only pretend like we’re taking pictures. But it would be my pleasure to give the pictures to you as a gift afterwards. Just forget about the camera and let’s bathe in the moment, in the intoxicating sex. Personally, I’m versatile an can adopt any position you prefer. First I insist in guiding you in order to create some artistic moments, but after a while, I’ll let you take over control. Go with your own flow. My studio is located in Washington D.C. I’ll be more explicit in private chat, so come join me. I’ll send you more pics on the chat, as long as you do the same. I’d be curious to see your artistic side. Among other things.

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