I did not suscribe to one of those roadside assistance service, as I did not fin one that suited my particular needs. None offered a special horny bear treatment with a complimentary blowjob along the road while I am leaning on my truck’s door. Well how about we started an unofficial one around Detroit, Michigan ? Lol. Seriously, all I am asking for is to find fuck buddies to have sex with in nature, by my truck or in my cabin. Told you I was a bear through and through. From the beard, the belly and pipes, down to the attitude. I live in Shelby Township, north of Detroit, Michigan.

Call me BeardedTom. I am a married man, but I love to have affairs with men on the side. A suburb bear having secret hook ups and gay dates. See, I ain’t afraid to say it, I have gay tendencies, and I consider myself a bisexual. That does not make me less of a man. See how I am waking my cock vigorously next to my truck there. That super manly ! Those urge to masturbate hit me like that sometimes. That’s why I’d love to have some fuck friends on speed dial in the area to satisfy my needs. I could fuck you raw in the throat or the ass and get back to my day. Needless to say, I need sissies on the submissive side. Alright, time to put my pants back on and to drive home to my wife. Sadly.

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