Poke my third eye, sex date New Rochelle, NY

Hi there I’m Paul. Welcome to my home office here in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I used to lie in NYC, but got tired of it after a few years of preferred a more calm environment. Here’s where I work most of the time, but also where I get to play. Once should always keep time for fun and plain in his life. Most often than not, I’ve got to have fun in solo, but once in a while I invite a friend over for some joint fun. That big desk becomes our playground (after I’ve removed the costly computer gear). The only thing that may remain is my camera with my tripod if you’re okay with being filmed. My job involves a lot of creativity and I enjoy transposing this aspect pretty much everywhere in my life. Including my sex life. Don’t expect some simple bottom and top dynamic from me.

Depending on your age, you may either be tired of earing about older folks being dead boring in bed, or you may be part of the ones insulting us guys over 45. I’m 49, on the verge of 50 and have always made sure to have entertaining sex. The process starts even before this uncut dick gets hard. I’ll keep it vague, but be sure to come chat with me if you’re curious to know more. And if you’re interested about hooking up with a horny man with salt and pepper stubble.

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