My cock is not making going to sleep easy for me. Some man have the morning wood, well I got both the morning boner and the nighttime hard on ! That’s what you get for being a horny single 24 years old gay man. My name’s William, but some people call me Bill. I live in Placentia, California in Orange County. I am looking for the kind of man that can’t help but to open his mouth and to start licking his lips when he sees my cock. In other words, I want great blowers in my life.

And awesome bottoms too. If you guys don’t mind going that far from the get go. I sure don’t, but I’ve met guys who prefer to keep his at a blow job at the first date. To each their own, as a top, I won’t complain ! I need some fuck friends to help me control that hard cock so that I could drift to sleep afterwards. Since we’re both here for hook ups, you’ll understand that I won’t invite you over to sleep, right ? Unless you want to help me with my morning wood too. OK so stop looking at my tent maker, and come say hi. Careful not to poke your eyes with that thing too.

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