Musky gay man in Essex VT, LF odor sex

Hey there. I’m not sure how popular I’ll be since I live in Essex Vermont near Burlington. But I am still trying my luck. And truth be told, I kind of like to post naked pictures online. At the least I’ll get to have some naughty private conversations. The thing is that what I really crave is the touch of a man. And even more a man I could control during sex. That might displease some of you, but I really wish I could find a guy who’d love to do some things considered nasty. Okay I’ll say it. I want you to come sniff my musky dick area.

Ya, I’m that kind of guy into odors. Living in near the woods, I love to go on hikes, being in touch with nature (including some naturism) and I don’t really shower as often as some folks might like. I know I am not alone with this sexual fantasy since I’ve made my research. So, if you’re into it too, we could get in touch and try and meet. With any luck, you’re nearby and we could become sex friends and see each other once in a while. You’re not alone my smelly friend ! My nickname is SmellyVT, and I am 32 YO.

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