Naked chit chat and more in Appleton, WI

I love seing all those naked guys on here. It comforts me in my habits of being a nudist, My nickname is NudeApple. If it were not denied by our autorative and backward society, I would roam around naked all the time. It just feels so natural and liberating ! It is just like having sex. Why should a man only have sex with women ? We live in a stupid normative society that dictates who we should have sex with. Thankfully it is more accepted than in the past, but we’re far from total acceptance. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin and let me tell you that gays are not well looked upon by everyone. FFS, I am 32, can’t I decide who I have sex with without feeling the judgement of society upon me ?

Well those backwards fuckers can’t dictate what I do in my own home. So I roam naked in my house and I invite guys over. Like now, I am inviting you over to my clothes free home in Appleton, Wisconsin. Sure we could have sex if we feel like it. Or, if we don’t see a connection, we could simply chat and have some beers in our birthday suit. You’ll see how liberating it can be. In a way, just hanging naked with a buddy is better than sex. But, being a horny sexual man, sometimes it is just impossible to abstain from having sex with a naked man with whom I’ve got a connection. There’s just one way to find out.

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