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I love seing all those naked guys on here. It comforts me in my habits of being a nudist, My nickname is NudeApple. If it were not denied by our autorative and backward society, I would roam around naked all the time. It just feels so natural and liberating ! It is just like having sex. Why should a man only have sex with

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Packing Packer fan spread gay ass, Appleton, WI

I am PackingPacker. If oyu know anything about football, or have not been living in complete isolation from sports, than you have heard of the Green Bay Packers, aka the best franchise in the NFL. Or at least with the coolest fans. Hello fellow Cheeseheads ! I’m a big fan with a big package in my PJs. I’m actually a 33 YO dad. So this whole internet hookup thing has to remain …

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