Nerd packing hell of a surprise in Phoenix - Arizona

I am a nerd, but because of that everyone think that I am not into sex or any nasty stuff. I spend soo much time in front of my computer watching porn and masturbating, that’s crazy. But the thing is, I play online game, I jerkoff then I go back playing. I should start dating real gay guys instead. So here’s a selfie of myself, with the dick and face, so you can see it all. I know my cock is monstrous. I mean, when you look at me dress, you don’t figure I have such a dong down there. I guess it can cause a surprise. Maybe I should be a porn star haha. I’d make some fast money. But no, I’m joking, the gay escort thing is just not for me. And my parents would kill me !!

Anyways, I am in Phoenix, Arizona, I am 22 years old, still living with the family, so you must figure that :
– I am broke
– I can’t host
Other than that, I willing and open to suggestions. As for sex, well, I am a lot into docking cock, jo, blowjob, kissing, nipples play, facial, swallowing… I am kind of piggy hehehe ! That’s surely because I watched too much porn. Anyway, let me know, I’m online.

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