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Assertive, well-seasoned dick in Phoenix, AZ

At 44, I have yet to lose an ounce of my libido and have retained this lean, fit physique so, you tell me what you’d like to do with that information haha! My name is Henry and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, down in the Biltmore District. I’ve worked a long career of manual labor jobs so, that tells ya I’m good with my…

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Nerd packing hell of a surprise in Phoenix – Arizona

So here’s a selfie of myself, with the dick and face, so you can see it all. I know my cock is monstrous. I mean, when you look at me dress, you don’t figure I have such a dong down there. Anyways, I am in Phoenix, Arizona, I am 22 years old, still living with the family. As for sex, well, I am a lot into docking cock, jo, blowjob, kissing, nipples play, facial, swallowing…

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