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Dropping the towel on monogamy, uncut twink York

That’s it, I am dropping the towel. I am done with monogamy. I’ve tried it and it does not align with my views regarding sex and having fun. So of course, I had to take the opportunity to litterally drop the towel and record it. I am always thinking about sex and ways to have more or to excite men, be they gay or not, single or, not. As a result, I am going full on slut …

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Listen to the leather man from Bethlehem, PA

Like my name and my picture imply, I am a fan of leather. It turns me on and make me feel so horny to be wearing leather. It triggers something inside me. I’ll wear some for all of my hookups. Yup, I am 36 years old and I still enjoy playing dress up. But my version is quite naughtier. I’ve got this huge cock and even bigger libido waiting to be exploited …

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Have a go at my smooth cock in Conshohocken, PA

Looks like shaving off my pubes has taken off my inhibition and only contrains I could have. Almost as if my hair was acting like shackles! My almost 8 inches uncut cock (hey I am an honest guy) feels even bigger than it is. It’s giving me a heck of a confidence boost actually. I am suddenly showing my cock on the internet, hoping to find men in the Philly metro area…

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BBC making a mess in my car, Jenkintown, PA

I can already hear some of you car freak loosing your shit after seeing my video of me make such a big mess with my BBC. Hey, I am a horny dude and when I need to jerk off, I pull off, I pull out my junk and I do it. And I am not ashamed to admit that I get super excited just by looking at my own dick as I am ejaculating. That’s why I don’t cover it …

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Hairy, musky and hung fuck date in Reading, PA

I am any primal men lover’s dream. In fact, you can’t get more primal than me. I’ll lube your ass using my musky foreskin. Enjoy it cause that’s the only lubricant that you’ll get. Outside of my sexlife, I am a fun and kind person, but my primal instinct kicks in whenever I get into a hookup. I live in Reading, Pennsylvania where I will gladly host you for …

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Only body fluid lube for you, gay raw sex Erie, PA

I have not even come yet, and still I am already making a mess. A huge precum mess ! Perfect to lubricate your ass a little before I fuck you hard and raw. That’s all you’ll get ! No lube, no condom, nothing. I might let you blow me first if you’re convincing enough and you drop on your knees before me. But then, that’s your last shot. After that, I’ll be on top of you …

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