Quick nude before going back to LA for hookups

Sadly I can’t invite a hookup while I’m at my parents, but I can sneak into the bathroom and take a quick naughty selfie. That’s one way to cure boredom ! Now, all I need is to wait for some messages from you guys and other members. Chances are I will be back home in LA when you see this. But I’ll want to see what you’ve got to show me nonetheless. Even more if you’re anywhere near Los Angeles. Sending picks is fun, but nothing compares with having a real hookup. I know you want to feel my moustache on your dick head and your shaft as I slowly go down on you. So do I. But only if you’re in the area. I ain’t going too far in the LA traffic. I’ve had my fill for a while with this trip lol.

What does your gaydar tell you about me ? Am I a top or a bottom ? Perhaps it is giving you mixed signals ? That’s okay ! I’m a versa. All the more fun for me and you. I’m into all sorts of men, from bears, to hunks and all those types. I don’t really mind. Sexuality is a beautiful thing and you should be shared. My name’s Marky by the way, and I’m 36. With that, I should pack my cock on go back to my parents. Cya honeys !

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