Show me your briefs, gay hookup near Tucson, AZ

How is it hanging guys ? Hope it is not hanging too low down there. There’s nothing that turns me down more than a man wearing slack boxers. You know those undies that the hetero crew seams to enjoys ? Wear these and you can be sure that I won’t get hard. Personally, I like when my sack is snuggly fit inside my briefs. Why am I specifying this on a dating profile ? Because I’m tired of guys dressed in their baggy pants meeting me for a hookup. I mean, I know we’re not dating or signing a marriage contract here, but have the decency to wear something decent for a sex date. Even if we’ll just remove it all at some point. And honestly, I got a thing for watching men in boxers hehe.

My nickname’s Roco, I’m a small 26 YO gay guy of 5 feet 6 living south of Tucson, Arizona in Green Valley. I may be small in height, but I am above average under the belt be assured. I’m mostly a bottom, but I can top you if you insist. In fact, let’s leave the intoxicating flow of sex guide us during our hookup. Sex between two strangers that are comfortable in their bodies and in this situation is simply fantastic. It allows us to fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Send me a message my dear. And show me those boxers 😉

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