Rio Rancho, NM: looking for a fellow gaymer

This my friend is why you call it a joystick. Sometimes, when I game, I get so horny that I’ve got to put my game on pause in order to play with my long shaft. I can’t help it ! If you’re on this dating site, then you must be as naughty as I am and you’ll understand. I’m just another geek that spends too much time playing video games alone and not enough dating. How awesome would it be to meet a fuck friend in Rio Rancho who’s also a fellow gamer. We could play video games all night and take some blowjob and fuck breaks. I’m not original, but my nickname is GaymerNM for New Mexico.

Honestly, it has been too long since I’ve had sex. It is a shame for a man of 34. You can tell by my overgrown pubes lol. But I’m pretty confident that I’ll satisfy you. After all, I’m a Latino and rhythm is my blood! Besides, I’m autoreverse, so I’m ready to fuck you or to open my ass to you if you insist. I say that because I prefer being on top, but the last guys I’ve been with were reluctant to bottoming with me. But I’ve learned to like it. Especially since I’ve got my hands on some nice dildos. Anyway, get in touch with me and we’ll chat a little. Tell me what you’re playing too while you’re at it.

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