Mount my long elegant rapier, Memphis TN

You might disagree, but I think that this picture of me looks pretty rad. And I ain’t only referring to the neon green behind me. No, I’m talking about how great my cock looks on it. I mean, it is always nice, but it just gives you a great idea on how long it is and how high a climb you’ll have to make in order to mount it. They don’t call me D’Artagnan for nothing ! Ok mostly because of my goaty. But I like to think that it due to my elegant and long rapier sword that I carry between my legs.

I know it is hard to guess my age with the beard, but I am 31. However, don’t let age be contraint. I mean, I’ve had marvelous sex dates with men over 50 and guys less than 25. It is but a number ! The only thing I ask for is to keep our affair brief and worry free. I am not here to date seriously, only to have fun. We might see each other a couple of times, but I am not into the market for a boyfriend. I’m located in Memphis, TN and I’m actively looking for gay hookups in the area. DM me.

PS: I know I’ve got ghostly nips,

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