Hung guy diversifying his options, Baltimore MD

Yo guys ! Can you believe I’m 35 ? I might look like a young douche bag, but I’m really just a small guy in his 30. You should see how I look without my beard haha. Howver, my big cock just scream maturity and experience. That my friends and future fuck buddies, is a dick that has been polished multiple times and that has filed many asses in the Baltimore area. And of course, it just needs even more action ! I just can’t seem to stop craving more sex. Some would say that I should get a boyfriend in order to have sex whenever I want, but we all know it does not work like that. Relations involve way too many aspects beside sex. No, I just prefer simpler hookups and the thrill of meeting guys in clubs.

But as they do in finance and the stock market, you’ve got to diverse ! And I won’t put all my eggs in the real life dating scene. So here I am posting on this site. Trying to get in touch with you guys not hanging out in bars and who prefer to stay home. The out of the scene type. Don’t be shy, we’ll keep it low and anonymous. Meet me in private by my nickname LeornardoBand let’s make it happen.

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