Straight construction guy needs novelty, Omaha NE

Who likes their meat hard and well cooked ? I’ve got a long and fine dick to serve you. Careful, it will probably burst some hot juice in your mouth. Pure organic white hot sauce. I’m desperate for anonymous man on man hook ups. I’m a construction worker of 34 worker and I go to a CrossFit gym. I would not want my buddies to know that I’m attracted to guys you know. Oh and neither my GF. Ya I know, I’m another one of those curious straight guy haha. But I know how some of you crave my rough attitude and my manly looks. And I crave your mouth on my cock and your hard dick on my hands. OK maybe I ain’t so straight after all.

Anyway, my nickname’s BarryMaha I live in Omaha Nebraska. I’ve been told that there are a couple of nice spots in the city for gays, but I can’t be seen there. I’m looking for cute fem guys to fool around with. I can’t invite you to my place as my gf would definitely not approve lol. However, I can get to you pretty easily. Just leave me a message with a dick pick and I’ll answer it gladly. You might find a few naughty pictures attached. And while we’re at it, tell me what you’d do to my beautiful long cock ? I that you’ll be more creative than my SO !

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