Suck on my milk choco fudge in Everett, WA

Hey there. I’ll answer your first question, yes I am multiracial. My father is white and my mother is black. The result, is the cute 26 years old milk chocolate guy you see lying on his bed with his hard dark cock out. Looks good does it not ? It’s been too long since I’ve had a decent blowjob that goes deep on my shaft. Lately, I’ve had a phase during which I tried having sex with girls. I mean, a phase during which I tried to convince myself that I could enjoy having as much fun fucking with women as I do when I’m with guys. If I’m here, well you can guess that it was not a success.

Indeed, I am back to my dear gay comfort zone. I’m looking for gay hookups in Everett, Washington or the general Seattle area. These past experiences have made me more comfortable than ever in my sexual orientation. No woman I’ve been with could ever make me feel the things that you guys do. I’m a top (no surprise there), but I enjoy some anal action during sex. You know, just tickling my ass cheeks, poking at my backdoor and dry umping my ass. But that does not mean I’m not manly enough to ram you in the ass and leave you sore (if that’s what you want). I’ve got the confidence and stamina to rock your world and your whole body.

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