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New definition for the half-boner, Paradise, NV BBC

I am starting to think that I am different from most guys out there. Unlike others, I can really get hard halfway through. See on my picture how the base, or the beginning of my cock gets hard while the end, or the tip is still flask. It’s a fun, yet useless superpower lol. But it makes for great pictures. I just wish that I could have men come straight to my place …

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Montage of my veiny bat, BWC in Henderson, NV

I had a hard time deciding on which picture to pick for my profile. So I made the logical decision and used all four. This way, you can stare at my veiny monster big white cock in many angles. Plus, you get to see how hard it gets and how the veins will look different from an erection to another. Yes, I am quite proud of my dick …

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Flexing my lean alpha muscles – Sparks, NV

I am of the mind that big lump of muscles do not make a man. I might be a slim with barely any muscle mass to speak of, I still consider myself an alpha. It is a matter of attitude ! And that, my friends, I got a heck of a big one. Was I talking about my cock or my actual attitude ? How about both lol. My nickname’s …

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Odor and armpit bottom lovers required-Vegas, NV

Either options are good, but what if I asked you what you prefer between sucking my armpit or sucking my balls and my cock ? I mean, I know that armpits are not everyone’s cup of tea. I get it. But you have to admit that I’m pretty sexy like no ? Aren’t you at least curious ? Since this is a hookup website, I’ll allow myself to …

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Tall funny bisexuel of 41 lf tops in Sparks, NV

Here’s on old favorite of mine that I found on my phone. It has been a little over a year since that photo. Except, some mor gray hair, I have not changed a bit. I must say that I’m doing good for a 41 years old. Indeed, I took that selfie as a reminder of what I looked like at 40. I must say that I am still as handsome as I was. And another thing that has not changed, I …

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Tickle my long bad boy shaft, Las Vegas NV

Figured that if every hung guy on the Internet took naked selfie like this, well then I should do the same. And it turns out that these gentlemen with big dick were right : this pose really makes your cock look even bigger than it already is ! And it provides great view of my big balls and especially my thick shaft. Don’t you forget the shaft gentlemen. Believe …

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