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Adding a little jewelry to my dick in Bozeman, MT

This little piece of jewelry is my new kink. I’ve decided to add new piece jewelry to my hard gig. I call this my dickhead ring lol. Careful not to hurt y’alls teeth when y’all blow me ! It’s kinda sadistic, I know. But it’s hot as fuck. At least in my opinion ! It goes to show y’all how freaky I can be and also how I am …

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Brokeback Mountain with real Montana countryman

I can guarantee you the real modern day cowboy experience. From fucking you on the tailgate of my truck, to blowing you on a ball of hay or having you lay on me in the barn. Those could all be true if you were to accept being my fuck buddy. I don’t do hookups as I only want to commit to a more serious story. I am all about having a secret fuck friend …

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Working out nude in home gym – Great Falls, MT

It simply did not work out for me. I need to be free. Free to use all the weights I want, but moreover, free to train naked ! Naked training is the best. When you think about it, there’s no better way to admire your body and to truly analyze your movement. Seriously, it is just so liberating ! I’ve never had better training and I am in the best shape of …

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Jerking on the cam with a MT cowboy, Billings

Not bad for a nude selfie right ? Or do you think it is too revealing ? I know some guys prefer to keep some secret, or rather some mystery before meeting. Well I figured I would get more attention if I just showed myself jerking off my big white cock instead. And adding some lube on it with some sparkles on my nips from the stimulation I gave it. But I bet you already saw that while studying my picture. This …

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Horny Montana Cowboy rdy to mount you, Missoula

I’ve been told that my legs are one of my best assets. That’s great since I’ve got three ! Okay I know, that’s corny. But I really have great hairy legs, and superb curved dick. I’ve got this thing where I like it when guys massage my legs and play with my pale hair, while slowly climbing their way to my cock. Then, it is up to you to do your magic …

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Great Falls, Montana Movember dick hook up

My cock is definitely ready for Movember ! I like to groom my pubes into a moustache. It sets me apart from all those baby smooth jock. OK, my cock in itself already stands out from most cock out there. See how thick and big it is ! And I’m not completely hard yet on that shot. I’m at the point where I struggle to find folks …

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Cut or uncut ? Missoula, MT gay jock

So what’s your guess ? Am I cut or uncut ? Of course I am referring to my dick and not to my actual physique, which is definitely on leaning on cut as demonstrated my V shaped abs. It could be hard to tell from just looking at my slutty jock. Well my friends, my parents were rebels and left me uncut ! I’ve got an …

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