Worship a handsome cocky dude, White Plains, NY

I won’t even ask you If see anything you like because I know there is. And the fact that I am a cocky little bastard of 26 just adds to my charm. I know I am cute and sexy and I act on it. It makes me comfortable in my body. Enough to show my face and my semi hard cock on here. It’s big enough to please any bottom and to fill your mouth even when it’s limp. And trust me it gets even bigger when I get turned on. But, I’ll stick to nickname. Call me Cocky26. Okay, on the picture I’ve given you a few tips on how to turn me on by the way. Can you spot them ?

Of course plying with my dick is a sure shot. But my pits are definitely another zone that will get me hot. And so are my tiny nips ! OK I’ll stop there because I could go on and on and on. I love my body and being touched, what can I do ? One thing is to find guys to have sex with. Sure you worship me via the Web, but nothing compares with a hook up. But don’t abstain from complimenting me on the chat ! Otherwise, tell me if you could be able to meet me here in White Plains, NY about an hour drive from NYC or via the train. I’ll make it up your transit. If you can’t make it, find me on the chat ! We can still have some fun.

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