Bonded and ready to be taken, Bondy, MS

Is it too much to ask to find a lover who would enjoy to fuck me like that ? I am into bondage, domination and all kinds of BDSM. That’s what I like. Not soft and loving sex. I am 21 and have been in a relationship with the same guy since I was 21. I am 23 now. He only wants to have boring sex and refuses to tie me or to slap me because he says he loves me. Well if he truly did, he would understand that I need this to truly get off. So to compensate, I have to go see elsewhere from time to time and to cheat on him.

But it has been going on for too long and I must leave him even if it means being single and only having hookups. That’s why I am posting this picture of me on my knees, bonded and ready to be taken forcefully in the ass by a man. In an ideal world, I would find a new boyfriend, or at least a steady lover. But in the meantime, hook ups and booty calls will do. My name’s Bondy and I live in Biloxi, MS near Gulfport. DM me and I’ll entertain you in the chat until we get a chance to meet IRL.

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