Stunning muscular hunk in Los Angeles CA

Hey guys, I’m Claudio, 29 years old, full of muscles and stamina. As you can see I really enjoy hitting the gym daily and eating well. I have a quiet lifestyle and that surprise a lot of people who think I’d be more of a party monster. In my mind I feel like I am already 50 hahaha !! Well I am mature in my way of thinking.

So, took a break from random sex encounters during the pandemic, I tough it was not advised to meet guys for hook ups in a time like that. Now that things are getting better and better here in California, I am willing to start dating again. I have big sexual needs to satisfy but I’m looking for one guy instead of many. The ideal would be a sexfriend, someone I could meet at the occasion to have fun with without any for of pressure. That would be awesome.

On the physical side, I have brown hair, cute face, awesome six pack and a 9 inches cut cock always up for the challenge. More of a top, I can bottom when it’s the time. I live in Los Angeles near West Hollywood, wanna come over, let me know !

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