Gay naked hiking along the coast of California

Weather is perfect for a naked stroll along the coast of California. I’d love to have some company when I am taking such walks. Of course, we’ll have to stop pretty often for breaks and to hydrate. I’ve got a secret sauce perfect for you. It is full of nutrients and I always carry it with me. All you’ll have to do is to pump my uncut dick to make it come out. I’ll have to double check that you swallow it out and that you don’t waste a single drop. You can’t have fresher ingredients than that ! And it’s hard to tell from the picture, but I am at my prime age at 32 haha.

We could also find a comfortable spot for you to bend over and tos spread you legs in anticipation for my hard wood. I’ll make sure to bring a cushion to assure that you’re resting comfortably. After all, we want you to enjoy every second of our hook up in nature. If you’re down, we could go grab a drink at my place afterwards. But only after taking a well deserved shower with me. I live in Berkeley, California so our hike could take place along the marina or the waterfront. But I’m open to suggestions! Hope you’re wide open too hehe. Find me in the member zone under MikeTheHiker.

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