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Bigger better camera and cock, Stamford, CT

I am bringing something new to the table. A big ass camera instead of those tiny cellphones that dudes are taking their nudes with. I am looking for men who are willing to take nudes and have sex with me. We could immortalize the moment with clichés and videos. You’d get to keep copies of course. And depending on what you prefer …

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Scruffy bad boy hook up New Britain, CT

I ain’t just a cute scruffy face. Just by looking at me, you know I’m a rebel and a bad boy. You can’t expect me to be kind and soft. After all, are we not here fuck hook ups ? If your definition of hook ups implies preliminaries, cuddling and all those shits, I think you’re at the wrong place. On the contrary, if you’re …

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Gay ass open of big cock – Hartford, Connecticut

My ass is open for business. In fact, I should say it is back in business. I trade in receiving big cocks and riding them. But I ain’t a good tradesman as I do it for free. Well I should say in exchange for being a fucking great bottom with a endless thirst for big cocks. I must confess that I had to stop for a while cause I injured my ass while training. Not at the gym …

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22 yo punk dude with piercings – New Haven CT

I might not be the type of guy you wanna show to your parents. I am full of attitude and I have a punk look. I stop counting how many piercings and stretch I have and I got some tattoos. I have a nice rent here in New Haven, Connecticut in the Beaver Hills area. In the sex department, I am quite good. I have a 7 inches cock, uncut with nice shaved balls…

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