Date a gay guy in : Florida


Hung Mexican burrito in Jacksonville, Florida

I’m Miguel, I’m a horny spicy Mexican of 32 YO living in Jacksonville, Florida. How about I stuff your manly taco with my huge burrito ? Don’t even ask, I’m not the type to go with just the tip. Oh no ! It’s all in or nothing. I ram and plummet until I spit my hot salsa inside you. It’ll be sizzling hot between us two. Tired of the …

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Spin on my thick morning wood, in Clearwater FL

Here’s me in the morning. And yes I am drinking what’s left of my Mickey D’s drink from the past night right after waking up. You see, I’m a chill dude of 36 YO. I live in sunny Clearwater in on the west coast of Florida. That explains my tan and my laidback life as I spend most of my down time under the sun at the beach. Life’s …

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Chocolate bar abs and hung gay guy, Tampa FL

I could tell you that it’s not that hard to achieve such a physique, that you only need to hit the gym a few times a week and that you may let yourself be tempted by some comfort food. But that would be a blatant lie ! It is fucking hard ! You don’t get a chocolat bar abs bye eating pizza and taking long breaks. Why is that important …

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Curious black guy wants to try gay sex

I’m curious to have some feedback from guys for a change. You’ve guessed it, I’ve never actually been with men before. That’s right, I’m a virgin when it comes to having gay sex. And honestly, I am rather curious to try it out, but at my own rhythm you know. So, let’s cut to the chase. I want to be sucked by man and maybe try some more stuff if …

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