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Barre, VT – craft beer and morning wood carving

I am happy to provide my own kind of humble adventures to visiting men and couples. I’m inviting you to visit me at my place and enjoy my hard wood and some craft beer. That’s what being a good host is all about after all. I am being a tease of my picture and only showing you the base of my cock and just giving you a peak at my bearded face …

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My penis didn’t get the shrink memo – Essex, VT

Must be a perk of having such a gigantic one. OK, truth be told I took this picture super quickly after coming out of my place. I don’t have a magic penis. Except if you consider its size to be magic lol. My name’s Mike, but I am MikeIce on here. I am a 34 years old Vermonters living on the edge of the city city of Essex not too far from Burlington …

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Musky gay man in Essex VT, LF odor sex

I’m not sure how popular I’ll be since I live in Essex Vermont near Burlington. But I am still trying my luck. And truth be told, I kind of like to post naked pictures online. At the least I’ll get to have some naughty private conversations. The thing is that what I really crave is the touch of a man. And even more a man …

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