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Uncut 46 yo LF easy homo sex, Plainfield NJ

Wanna give my hairy uncut dick a taste ? Don’t you want to unwrap my big dick head and see it come out of my foreskin ? It’s not shy, it is just resting. Give it a little stimulations and it will poke out and say hi to your tongue. Or you ass for that matters. I’m just a regular guy looking for gay sex. The only six pack I got is in the fridge

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Dine n sex, Thick gay boy from New Brunswick, NJ

Anyone’s into thick boys here ? Surely slim and muscular guys are not all that you guys like ? Some of you might enjoy a little natural fat and love handles ? I mean, life is so fast and hard, we all deserve to treat ourselves with junk foods and beer don’t we ? And great things should be shared with others. Including the pleasures of the flesh. Just take me for example …

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Dare to try 9 inches challenge in Vineland, NJ

You might say that I’m happy to see you, which is totally true, but not in the sense that I’d be having a boner on that picture. I am actually not having one at that moment. Ya I know. I’m super hung. I’ll only show you in private, but I am over 9 inches long. Enough to make a lot of damage in your ass. But don’t worry, by now now …

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Newark, NJ back store gay hook-up discoveries

Who’s up for some back store and backdoor activity ? At 19 years old, I’m still discovering sex and have just recently bloomed. As a result, I am still trying to pinpoint my preferences, limits and whatnot. It might be a dubious comparison, but it’s like when I first tasted wine or coffee. I did not quite like it at first, but I knew …

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