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Would you eat this perky, rounded ass Newark, NJ

You read the title, where are my eaters at ? See the second picture. I don’t go to the gym for nothing so, I want someone to come bury their face in it, rim my succulent little hole with your tongue until I’m squirming and trying to get away. I’m a slut, I can’t help it. live in Newark, New Jersey, about 15 minutes south of the downtown area.

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One last cum in my stenchy undies, Camden

I wish you could smell the foul stench of my underwear. Those of you who are like me and are into odors would loose their minds after sniffing the inside of my grey underwear. The stench irradiates from pretty far away. I own just a few pairs and I rarely change them. I live this secret life as a bisexual. But being bi is not my biggest secret …

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Haitian in North Jersey shaking his manhood

Can’t a black man be gay and still be attuned with god ? I do believe it, but according to to some preachers in North Jersey, I am a sinner. Ridiculous I say. I’ll have sex with whoever I want I feel like it. Be it men of colors like me, or any man really. As long as you can take my big black rod of course. My name’s Jean, I am a Haitian living in Montclair, New Jersey. I work a decent job and I attend service …

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