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Blow my afro dick and a joint, Atlanta, Georgia

he next time you see your local skinny dude with an afro, don’t underestimate him too much. He probably has a big long cock just like I do. Most people see me as the funny, often high and nonchalant dude. Well I am exactly that, but also add that I’m into men, I’m hung and horny haha. Yes I’m a stoner, but have you ever …

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Fuck my warm and soft behind, gay Marietta, GA

My balls are soft and so is my hole. take me from behind, like the sissy bottom I am. I’m ripe for the taken and naturally dilated from the heat of my warm bath. I’ve found out that it is the best natural way to get me ready for a rude anal session. Besides, as you can see on my picture, I like to set the mood with candles …

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Approchable face and suckable cock, Savannah

Which of those elements struck you first om my profile picture ? My rugged (yet sleepy) and handsome face, my hairy and untamed chest, or my impressive veiny and uncut dick ? I’m legitimately curious. I’ve lived all my life in West Virginia where homosexuality is not well received. So when I moved over in Savannah , Georgia, I …

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Suck my Asian grower dragon dick, Athens GA

Impressive right ? While asleep, my little dragon is nothing to worry or marvel about ? However, whenever it is awoken and triggered it rages on and lengthen to in impressive length. I am definitely a grower ! Too many guys judge my dick and my bulge, or rather the lack of bulge in my pants. I find it amusing …

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