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Glendale, AZ – spicing up my casual Friday look

I am 42 years old married man living and working in Glendale, Arizona. But come Friday afternoon, I put this part of my life aside and I like to go out and play. And in my case, play means meeting up with a man for a fun hook up. I used to have a lover that I would go see every week. But he had to relocate elsewhere and now I am left without …

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Glendale, AZ – hairy horny Arab posing for you

I am of Arab descent. That said, I don’t think that it should influence in any shape of form if you’re into me or not. In fact, sexual attractiveness should not be entirely based on body image. In fact, I value my body and I am happy to share it with you. In pictures at least as I am not into hook ups. I love to strike a pose and to watch men do the same …

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Creampie for breakfast, gay lover, Glendale AZ

Hey early birds. How does my cock in your face sound as a wake up call ? Better than a rooster cock screaming at the top of its lungs I suppose. Perhaps I could shove my own cock in your ass ass so that you would scream as well. OKay maybe that’s too brutal of a wakeup. Perhaps a gentle cock slaps on your cheek until you open your mouth …

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