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Romantic hook up and screwing, Alpharetta GA

Join me under my blanky ? We’ll be warm and comfy. My name’s SamBlanky, well at least my nickname is lol and I am 31. I would qualify myself as a tender and kind man. Even when I hook up with guys, I always prefer to be gentle and soft. To each their own, but I don’t get the fun and the thrill in being rude and to rush …

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Alpharetta, Georgia – suck me on autopilot

Any car fan here ? But surely we do have big shafts and dicks fans here right ? My big cock is the only shifter in my magnificent Tesla. I love my car so far, but there’s still one thing I’d love to test. To activate the auto-pilot and have my big dick sucked while driving. How great it would be to be blown while rolling down a highway and not …

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