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Collared versa happier than ever, Athens, GA

I am 37 years old and I just found out that I like to be controlled and fucked when putting on the smaller accessory. I’ll be a good boy ! Look how happy I am. My tail’s way up in the air and I am wagging it like a docile bitch. I am ready to put it to good use. Clearly this part of me was dormant all along. I need a kind, yet firm dominant in the greater Athens …

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Suck my Asian grower dragon dick, Athens GA

Impressive right ? While asleep, my little dragon is nothing to worry or marvel about ? However, whenever it is awoken and triggered it rages on and lengthen to in impressive length. I am definitely a grower ! Too many guys judge my dick and my bulge, or rather the lack of bulge in my pants. I find it amusing …

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