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Accepting myself as a sub – gay in Louisville, KY

Here’s me. My whole self in my natural state. I ain’t flexing, or showing myself with a hard cock. I wanted to come to you in a vulnerable position. Am I worthy of you ? I am indeed a passive submissive looking for a new dominant partner in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve been lying to myself for so many years, trying to live a life others decided was meant for …

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Who wanna taste my bunny in Louisville KY

What about eating my chocolate bunny ? Or my cock sitting right next to it ? It is 9 inches long and very thick. Add to this a nice curve and you got it. It is also super veiny with big cockhead. Please note that I live in Louisville, which is the biggest city here in Kentucky. I am in the Park Hill area which is super nice, near downtown. I can host you at my place for a good long fucking session…

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