Date a gay guy in : Connecticut


Gay ass open of big cock – Hartford, Connecticut

My ass is open for business. In fact, I should say it is back in business. I trade in receiving big cocks and riding them. But I ain’t a good tradesman as I do it for free. Well I should say in exchange for being a fucking great bottom with a endless thirst for big cocks. I must confess that I had to stop for a while cause I injured my ass while training. Not at the gym …

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22 yo punk dude with piercings – New Haven CT

I might not be the type of guy you wanna show to your parents. I am full of attitude and I have a punk look. I stop counting how many piercings and stretch I have and I got some tattoos. I have a nice rent here in New Haven, Connecticut in the Beaver Hills area. In the sex department, I am quite good. I have a 7 inches cock, uncut with nice shaved balls…

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