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My penis didn’t get the shrink memo – Essex, VT

Must be a perk of having such a gigantic one. OK, truth be told I took this picture super quickly after coming out of my place. I don’t have a magic penis. Except if you consider its size to be magic lol. My name’s Mike, but I am MikeIce on here. I am a 34 years old Vermonters living on the edge of the city city of Essex not too far from Burlington …

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Musky gay man in Essex VT, LF odor sex

I’m not sure how popular I’ll be since I live in Essex Vermont near Burlington. But I am still trying my luck. And truth be told, I kind of like to post naked pictures online. At the least I’ll get to have some naughty private conversations. The thing is that what I really crave is the touch of a man. And even more a man …

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